Do you offer an amazing service? Show five stars for your service thanks to GOrendezvous.

According to a 2016 study, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Do you think you need to pay outside services like the Yellow Pages to show your ratings on Google? Think again! Keep that money for your next staff party and let GOrendezvous handle it automatically and for free. Maybe you’re thinking, easier said than done, how does it work exactly? The day after an appointment, GOrendezvous sends an email to your client asking them for a rating and a review. Once your client makes a rating, GOrendezvous handles the posting on

Google :



Are you thinking, “who cares about this rating?” We will have you know that more and more clients are searching online to find the professional that offers the best service, so don’t miss this new feature!

Still not convinced? Keep reading, I’m sure you will change your mind.


With GOrendezvous, the ratings and reviews are reliable!

There are no false reviews! If you’re already thinking about asking your friends and family to pitch in with some ratings and reviews, think again! Only the clients that receive the email after their appointment can make a rating and/or provide a review. This helps reinforce our credibility.

Don’t fear negative reviews!

According to our statistics, the average rating is five out of five!

What do you do if you do receive a bad rating or review?

Don’t panic, a rating without a review is not taken as seriously by potential clients and your clients have 24 hours to modify their rating and/or review. This gives you the opportunity to understand the negative feedback by contacting your client and to follow up directly with them to find a solution.

Every negative review can be viewed as constructive and give you the chance to improve your services.

Have we peaked your interest yet?

Try it for yourself! There’s much more, of course, like how we will help you stand out from your competition and our new features that will definitely impress but I will keep some surprises for our upcoming blog entries. While you’re waiting, I encourage you to try our latest feature by clicking here.