Room management with no hassle

Consider a clinic with many professionals who share rooms :

  • 5 massage therapists that share 3 rooms
  • 2 acupuncturists that share 2 rooms. One works full time and the other works only 2 days a week. The first one wants to use both room only when the second is not working.

You see the complexities?

GOrendezvous can manage it all for you! You can now setup your account to automatically offer appointments based on your room availabilities.

See the article on Room management for more details.

Share client files between professionals of the same clinic

The GOrendezvous community has spoken. You told us that it would be very convenient for professionals of a same clinic to share client files. After all, it’s increasingly common for professionals to refer clients to colleagues on sick days or for a complementing service.

Today, we are very excited to unveil this new feature!

Take note that each professional will have to allow sharing before in Account Settings / Employees and services / Permissions.

dossier client.en

Make canceled appointment times automatically available

You can now enable the option “When a client cancels an appointment , make the appointment time available to other clients automatically.”

To enable the option go to Account Settings / Employees and Services / Options.

You should know that the canceled appointment will be displayed in your schedule even if a new appointment is made ​​for the same time slot.




A new way for clients to modify or cancel their appointments

Clients can click ” View my scheduled appointments ” to modify or cancel them directly from the online booking widget.

If you do not allow your clients to cancel their appointments online, don’t worry, the buttons won’t show up.

Take note that accessing existing appointments requires more security to make sure that client appointments remain confidential.  Because of this, your clients will be asked to enter their password or to request a secure access link that we will send them by email.


Changes in some email sent to clients

An email is automatically sent when a professional adds a new customer to his client list.  Following the recommendations of some GOrendezvous members, we changed the message so that the email invites the client to book their next appointment on the professional’s home page.

There is the new message:


On the other hand, when clients book an appointment on GOrendezvous for the first time, we do not send them an email inviting them to choose a password anymore. This is no longer needed since clients can now easily view, change and cancel their appointments at the same place where they book their appointments.

Clients can search for appointment faster using prefered dates

Clients can now search for an appointment within specific dates at

It is important to note that a professional who does not have availabilities for the requested period still appears in search results.

This is what will be displayed if I want to end the year well and book an appointment on December 31st!


Limit how long in advance an appointment can be booked

For example, you can prevent your clients from booking appointments in more than 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.

For more information about this option click on the following article:

Limit how long in advance an appointment can be booked

Add an appointment booking tab directly to your facebook page

Your clients will be able to book appointments without leaving your Facebook page.

Read the following article to know how to add the booking tab:

Add an appointment booking tab to your Facebook page

Add a «Book Now» button for each professional

You are now able to add a «Book Now» button for each professional on your web site. You can create specific pages or sections on your web site and include a GOrendezvous booking button to book with that professional directly.

The following article explains how to do so:

Booking Button for each professional