Guarantee revenue by offering clients prepaid passes



With prepaid passes you are able to create promotions like “3 weeks unlimited for $45” or “5 treatments for $350”.

These promotions will encourage clients to not only come back but to also invite their friends to take advantage of the promotion.

Don’t wait any longer! Starting today, offer prepaid passes to clients that link directly to their accounts! Clients no longer need to keep track of a paper card that, let’s face it, is often “forgotten” at the bottom of one’s pocket, bag… or simply lost!

This card is not only advantageous for your clients, it also guarantees you a revenue.

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Evitez les ”No-show” avec le paiement en ligne

Girl shopping online with credit card

Il n’y a rien de plus frustrant pour un professionnel que les ”No Show”de ses clients. Avec le paiement en ligne, évitez les!

Simple et rapide, le paiement se fait lors de la prise de rendez-vous en ligne et évite les ”oublis” de vos clients.

Vous préférez que le paiement en ligne soit offert aux nouveaux clients ? C’est possible en leur demandant un dépôt.

On sait que vous ne courrez pas après l’argent, mais pourquoi ne pas profiter d’une fonctionnalité qui améliore votre quotidien professionnel 😉

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Assurez-vous un revenu en proposant des cartes de visites prépayées à vos clients

Avec les cartes de visites prépayées, créez des promotions de découverte telles que « 3 semaines illimitées pour 45$ » ou « 5 traitements pour 350$ »

Ces promotions inciteront vos clients à revenir vous voir et à inviter leurs amis à en profiter.

N’hésitez plus et proposez dès aujourd’hui à vos clients une carte directement liée à leur profil. Avec le paiement en ligne, vos clients seront ravis de pouvoir obtenir leur carte de visite directement depuis votre site internet ou votre page d’accueil GOrendezvous.

Plus besoin pour votre client d’avoir sa carte papier avec lui. Cette carte qui, avouons le, est très souvent ”oubliée” dans le fond d’une poche, d’un sac…ou tout simplement perdue!

Cette carte n’est pas seulement avantageuse pour vos clients, elle permet, à vous, professionnel de vous assurer un revenu.

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Do you offer an amazing service? Show five stars for your service thanks to GOrendezvous.

According to a 2016 study, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. Do you think you need to pay outside services like the Yellow Pages to show your ratings on Google? Think again! Keep that money for your next staff party and let GOrendezvous handle it automatically and for free. Maybe you’re thinking, easier said than done, how does it work exactly? The day after an appointment, GOrendezvous sends an email to your client asking them for a rating and a review. Once your client makes a rating, GOrendezvous handles the posting on

Google :



Are you thinking, “who cares about this rating?” We will have you know that more and more clients are searching online to find the professional that offers the best service, so don’t miss this new feature!

Still not convinced? Keep reading, I’m sure you will change your mind.


With GOrendezvous, the ratings and reviews are reliable!

There are no false reviews! If you’re already thinking about asking your friends and family to pitch in with some ratings and reviews, think again! Only the clients that receive the email after their appointment can make a rating and/or provide a review. This helps reinforce our credibility.

Don’t fear negative reviews!

According to our statistics, the average rating is five out of five!

What do you do if you do receive a bad rating or review?

Don’t panic, a rating without a review is not taken as seriously by potential clients and your clients have 24 hours to modify their rating and/or review. This gives you the opportunity to understand the negative feedback by contacting your client and to follow up directly with them to find a solution.

Every negative review can be viewed as constructive and give you the chance to improve your services.

Have we peaked your interest yet?

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Be Zen while managing your group classes



Do you offer group classes like yoga, pilates, zumba, spinning or other? GOrendezvous offers you a complete and flexible solution to manage your group classes.

To begin, you want it to be simple to create a class, right? Well what do you think about this?


Here you are thinking, it’s easy to create a class but how does it work to manage 20 participants?

  • You will be notified by email as soon as a client has signed up.
  • An automatic reminder will be sent to the participants a couple of days before the class.

How do you manage participants now? On paper? With GOrendezvous, in just one click, you have all the following information:


There’s much more of course but I was told that a blog should be effective and to the point so I encourage you to try all our other features:

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