Equipment Management

GOrendezvous is proud to announce the new Equipment Management feature!

Here’s a scenario showing how it can be used.

You offer a Hot Stone Massage. Great! But you need to clean and heat them up again between appointments. Let’s say you need 20 minutes to get them ready for the next appointment. In order to be able to offer more consecutive appointments, you bought 2 sets that you want to share between 2 professionals offering the service.

First, create 2 equipments: «Hot Stone 1» and «Hot Stone 2». Type «Hot Stones» as the type for both and set the preparation time to 20 minutes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 16.12.00

Then, add the service «Hot Stone Massage» to your employees offering the service et select «Hot Stones» as «Required Equipment» for the service.

Your clients will be able to book their appointments online without any conflicts in your equipment’s availability.

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