Client Appointment Booking for clinics with many professionals

If you have a clinic with multiple professionals, your clients can now select «Any Professional» in order to find appointment availabilities.

Previously, they needed to select a specific professional which was less practical to new clients. But now, your clients can view appointment availabilities of all your professionals offering the service they want in few a few easy steps.

After selecting «Any Professional», your client will need to select a service. If the services offered by 2 or more professionals have the same name, for example, «1st Visit», we will show availabilities for all professionals offering the service named «1st Visit». But to have a better control over this, you can set a «Service Type» on your services and we will offer this service type to your clients.

For example, if you have 3 physiotherapists each offering 2 services, one for the first consultation and a second for the following treatments, you can set the type of all these services to «Physiotherapy». When your client selects «Physiotherapy», we will display all available appointment booking times for this type of service with all professionals offering them.


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