Client archiving, shortcuts to the client info and other cool new features waiting for you!

GOrendezvous is happy to announce new features that will make your life a simpler!

Shortcuts to the client’s information

You can now access the client’s information directly from the appointment editor by clicking on « View » under the client’s name.


Improvements to the Smart Waiting List

  1. You can now access the client’s information directly from the waiting list by clicking on « Client File ».
  2. You can now add notes to a client on the waiting list. These notes will be displayed in a tooltip when selecting a client from the client picker in the appointment creation window
  3. Now, when you add a client to the waiting list, the « Time Availabilities » window will be shown automatically to make to process quicker.


Note presence indicator on appointments

There is a new « Notes » icon on the appointment when it has notes. You no longer need to open each appointment’s detail window to know if there are notes or not


Client archiving

You can now archive clients that you no longer see and recover them easily if needed.


  1. In the first image, we can see the « Archive » button.
    Once the client is archived, it does not show up in the client list or in the client picker of the appointment creation window.
  2. In the second image, we see that we can select « Include archived clients » under the client list.
  3. In the third image, we see an archived client’s file.
    All her information is accessible and we can easily recover the client.

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