The beginning

For our first post on entrepreneurship, several subjects are running through my mind: legal stuff, accounting, marketing, contracts, family and health, networking, costs, time to market, visual identity, validating the business idea, and so on.

In short, a lot of things! Since people love a good story, I decided to start with the story behind our business idea.

Our story

Once upon a time, on a beautiful morning in Florida, I had the feeling of forgetting something… Holy shit! I forgot about my appointment with my osteopath… TONIGHT! Florida-Montreal… a little difficult to make it to my appointment!


I was upset at myself and called my osteopath right away. Of course, I could only talk to an answering machine so I left a message explaining that I had to move my appointment.

While at the beach, trying to enjoy the rest of my vacation, my osteopath called me back and left me a voicemail with her upcoming availabilities. I called her back and got her machine again! So I left another voicemail to let her know which new appointment date I had chosen. Everything should have been settled at this point, right? Wrong! During that time, another client had taken the appointment date I wanted! So she left me yet another voicemail to offer new appointment availabilities. After several voice messages and some frustration, I finally manage to get a new appointment date.

I really like my osteopath; she is very nice and great at what she does. But that appointment booking mess wasted a lot of my time and stressed me out. This is far from what I expect in 2013, especially when that happens while on vacation!

It was not good for my osteopath either since she lost money because she could not replace my cancellation in time. In addition, she also lost time listening to my many voicemails and calling me back every time. Am I the only one that experienced this kind of situation? I would guess not.

How much time does she actually lose every month listening and leaving voicemails? The question needed to be asked. I also told the story to my friend, and now business partner, Philippe. He said he would LOVE to be able to book all his appointments online! Especially at his hair salon, where they had made a booking mistake not long before because they manage everything on paper.

This kind of problem is unacceptable in 2013 so Philippe and I decided to do something about it! We created GOrendezvous, a web application to make appointment booking quick and simple for professionals and their clients.

On a next post, I will tell you about how we validated our idea on the market.

Now that you know our story, we would like to hear from you too! 

Do you have a similar story to share?

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Google maps : Montréal-Floride

Youtube : Houston, we have a problem

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