A more flexible work schedule for professionnals

GOrendezvous is introducing a more flexible work schedule. From now on, instead of only being able to define a schedule that repeats itself every week, you can now define your schedule week by week. You can also add your periods of unavailability like vacation days, holidays and even custom ones like « Professional Convention » or « In training ». Don’t worry though, if you liked how it worked before, nothing was removed! You can still define a default schedule but now you can also change your schedule on any given week if that week differs from your default work schedule.

So what does that mean for you?

There are many scenarios where this comes in handy. For example, if your schedule changes every week, you can define it quickly and easily in GOrendezvous. Just go in any week, open « Preferences » – « Work Schedule » and click on « Update my schedule for this week ». Another practical case is for defining a summer schedule. You simply need to go to the first week of you summer schedule, update the schedule for that week and then copy it to the following 10, 12, 15 or any number of weeks. You can also configure your schedule on alternating weeks by copying a week schedule on weeks one by one. And just like before, if your schedule is relatively the same every week, you can define a default schedule that repeats every week while still being able to change your schedule for any given week.

We know you work hard and you need time off sometimes…

So we went one step further with this new functionality to allow you to take a break! We now give you the option of creating periods of unavailability for vacation days, holidays and other days off. This allows you to see your own days off in your online schedule, but you can also show them to your clients so that they don’t bother you during your vacation. You’re welcome… You deserve it!

Vacation and holidays can also be created in just a few clicks from the Monthly view of your schedule.

Need more control on when clients can book online?

Now you can choose to make your periods of availability and unavailability visible to your clients or not. This gives you total control over the days when you want to open your schedule to online booking and the days that you want to keep open for urgent cases and referrals for example.

While you define your schedule, you could also deselect « Allow clients to make appointment requests ». This will block all clients from booking online appointments for any week and when your schedule is to your liking, you can select it again.

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